Axil Ultima 1 System에 장착된 CD56S CD-ROM DRIVE는 JUMPER Setting(S1,S2,

	S4,S5 & S7 ON)이되어 있으나, CD-ROM DRIVE 교환시 ERROR 발생됨.


	1. CD-ROM Booting시 Error Rebooting 반복됨.

	2. CD-ROM Mount시 Mount Error.

	3. ERROR Messages

	WARNING: /sbus@1f,0/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000 (esp0):  
	data transfer overrun: current esp state:
	esp:  State=DATA Last State=DATA_DONE  
	esp:  Latched stat=0x91 intr=0x10 fifo 0x88  
	esp:  last msg out: IDENTIFY; last msg in: COMMAND COMPLETE  
	esp:  DMA csr=0xa4240010  
	esp:  addr=fc00b6a0 dmacnt=0 last=fc00b4a0 last_cnt=200  
	esp:  Cmd dump for Target 6 Lun 0:  
	esp:  cdblen=6, cdb=[ 0x8 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x1 0x0 ]  
	esp:  pkt_state=0xf pkt_flags=0x802 pkt_statistics=0x2
	esp:  cmd_flags=0x1422 cmd_timeout=60  
	WARNING: /sbus@1f,0/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000 (esp0):  
	Target 6.0 reverting to async. mode


	JUMPER S7을 ON 시켜줌.

	(상세 내역은참조 요함)

	CD56S Model은 6배속 CD-ROM Drive로 표준 SCSI interface를 지원한다.


		1. S0, S1 and S2 jumpers are to determine SCSI ID settings.

		 SCSI ID              S0         S1        S2         REMARKS
		 0                    OFF        OFF       OFF
		 1                    ON         OFF       OFF
		 2                    OFF        ON        OFF
		 3                    ON         ON        OFF        
		 4                    OFF        OFF       ON
		 5                    ON         ON        ON
		 6                    OFF        ON        ON
		 7                    ON         ON        ON

		2. S3: Parity Check (Default is strap jumper OFF)

		 Strap Jumper ON       The drive does NOT perform parity check
		 Strap jumper OFF      The drive performs parity check

		3. S4: Terminator (Default is jumper strap --- Termination OFF)

		 Strap Jumper ON             Terminator is NOT activated
		 Strap jumper OFF            Terminator IS activated

		4. S5: Eject (Default is jumper strap )

		 Strap Jumper ON            Tray eject will be enabled
		 Strap jumper OFF           Tray eject will be disabled

		5. S6: Phase Change Wait (Default is jumper strap )
		When the SCSI bus phase is changed, the drive changes control 
		signal (MSG,C/D I/O) with a minimum:

		 Strap Jumper ON  25ms from the leading edge of last ACK signal
		 Strap jumper OFF  0ms from the leading edge of last ACK signal

		6. S7: Logical Block size (Default is strap jumper)

		 Strap Jumper ON  The drive operates at 512 bytes/logical block
		 Strap jumper OFF The drive operates at 2048 bytes/logical block

    작성일자 : 1997.05.27
    작 성 자 : 황  순  경